Game Counter Attack Multiplayer FPS v1.2.24 Mod Android

    Game Counter Attack Multiplayer FPS v1.2.24 Mod Android

    Game Counter Attack Android

    Counter Attack Features
    • Customize your game match, set a password and play with your friends!
    • Customize Crosshair and Controls
    • 5 different maps
    • Rampage
    • Iraq
    • District
    • Snow Yard
    • Morocco
    • Stunning high quality 3D graphics
    • Case system
    • Common Case
    • Rare Case
    • Epic Case
    • Special Case
    • Different type of weapons and guns
    • Knifes: Butterfly, Huntsman, Karambit, Bajonett and Push Knives
    • Pistols: Glock, USP, Tec-9, Five Seven and Desert Eagle
    • Shotguns: BM4 and M3super90
    • SMGs: Mac 10, MP5S, UMP45 and P90
    • Assaults: Ak47, M4A1, French Assault, AUG and SG556
    • Snipers: Magnum and Scout
    • Grenades: Molotov Cocktail, Frag Grenade, Smoke Grenade and Flash Grenade
    • Equipment: Kevlar, Defuse Kit and different gloves
    • Weapon Attachables
    • Silencer
    • Kill Track
    • 94 different skins for your weapons
    • Adjustable game controls
    • Save your data to our cloud server
    • English, Russian, Brazil, Portuguese, Turkish, Bulgarian, German, French, Italian,

    • Offline Practice with Bots
    • Multiplayer
    • Up to 10 players in one game.
    • 3 Different Game Modes
    • Defuse Bomb
    • Deathmatch
    • Gun Game
    • Monthly and Weekly Leaderboards with rewards for the top players
    • Daily Rewards
    • Daily Missions with rewards
    • Milestones with rewards
    • Player leveling system with rewards!
    • Skill based gameplay  all the weapons have different recoils, spray and reloading time.

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